What Is Broomball and Who Plays It?

Have you ever woken up wishing that you could play a sport which combines soccer and ice hockey in one? As random as this dream might seem, somebody has already made it come true. Broomball is as real as any sport can be, and it is gaining access to more and more Americans’ attention.

Broomball Is Not Ice Hockey

Although you might hear the myth that Broomball is a grass sport, in reality, it is reserved for ice arenas. However, it has many features, which make it difficult to be mistaken for ice hockey. For example, the players do not slide in skates. Instead, they wear shoes with spongy soles to gain stability when running on the slippery surface. There are two types of shoes: indoors and outdoors. Outdoor shoes have holes in the soles used to collect the snow, while the indoor version comes with a patterned design. Both use the spongy-soled feature.

Each time consists of six players: a goalie, two defensemen, and three forwards. The victory goes to the team that scores more goals. The object they pass around is not a pool but a six-inch diameter ball which they kick with a stick. So when you see a ball and shoes on ice, you know it is Broomball and not hockey.

As exciting and funny as it might sound, Broomball does not resemble Quidditch without the flying because the players’ stick is not an actual broom. Well, it once was, but for a sport to become serious, it needs to move away from domestic appliances. Thus, the stick that players use nowadays has a molded head.

Who Is Guilty of Broomball?

Broomball came to the world thanks to Canadian street car workers who were probably so bored that they decided to come up with something new. So they took the things they had at hand. Thus, Broomball was created at the beginning of the 20th Century thanks to some corn brooms and a soccer ball. However, Minnesota is considered the place where the sport became more widely known from the 30s onwards. That is also the place where the first tournament was held in 1966. It turns out Broomball is not that new and unfamiliar for a lot of people.

A Place for Everybody

Considering the accidental origin of this team sport, one could easily assume that everybody could have access to playing the game. Almost every sport began as a game of non-professionals who wanted to have fun. Nevertheless, Broomball requires some preparation when it comes to equipment. The sport is relatively risky because of the conditions of the field, so injuries are inevitable. No player should go into it without a helmet, gloves, elbow and shin pads. The proper shoes are a must if you want to enjoy the game. Remember that carelessness does not equal bravery.

And ice – you would most definitely need ice to become a Broomball player. If you do not have access to an arena, find the closest well-frozen pond to kick the ball. Apart from that, no experience is necessary to start practicing. So get yourself a “broom” and try – you might actually discover something out-of-the-ordinary.

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