The world is filled with a host of many diseases and illnesses today and there is no doubt to say more are still being discovered to date. Scientific breakthroughs have assisted humanity greatly in the field of medical science and it can be said that this factor has contributed immensely to the survival of humanity despite the overwhelming cases of mysterious diseases and illnesses encountered through the advancement of ages.

However, before the advancement of modern science which uses a series of technological phrases to produce antidotes which are necessarily today a daily part of our lives, there was also a way in which the archaic people and some conservative society today functioned in combating sickness and diseases which invaded them in their own time. Thus, the invasion of certain types of vicious diseases and sicknesses gave the reason for an in-depth study of traditional Medicine Direct for therapy applications.
The resultant factors of such researches proved successful and they were able to combat those epidemic situations of their time. However, there are particular diseases and illnesses which failed to be cured by the use of traditional medicine, and one of such illnesses is the fibromyalgia.

The fibromyalgia is a medical acute condition that is characterized by a musculoskeletal pain and this usually happens on the multiple parts of the body's anatomical sites, which happens in the absence of a recognizable physical or physiological reason. The fibromyalgia is more often associated with affecting young girls and women who are in their middle ages.
It is still a mystery to scientists today of what typically is the cause of the illness. A more accepted concept of how it is caused is through genetic factors and a disorder which can be caused by trauma or infection. Also, it is associated with the increase in a person's sensitivity which can cause an activation of the person's pain receptors.

The fibromyalgia can also be associated with difficulties arising from physical stress, anxiety, and even depression. People who are known to have fibromyalgia also do experience some other functional somatic disorders, which include chronic fatigue syndrome and an irritable bowel disorder. Many other people suffering from fibromyalgia tell they do experience a disorder arising from disturbed sleep.
But this situation is sometimes have been debated by medical specialists, who say that there was no way to actually determine that a person suffering from fibromyalgia could have a sleeping disorder. The reason for this debate is because it is believed that people suffering from fibromyalgia experience symptoms which are common, not specified and variableness.

The continuous research into fibromyalgia continued to be made today and it is still evident that because it cannot be told what actually causes it, there cannot still be a discovery of what could bring about an effective treatment of the illness. Thus the only known cure for fibromyalgia is through physical therapy, counseling, and some prescribed drugs which can actually help reduce the level of fibromyalgia in the body but it has not been proven to totally rid the body of the illness.

The fibromyalgia continues to be among the several incurable illnesses of the world today, which continues to pose a challenge for medical field experts. There have been many discoveries made on how to similarly reduce the issues associated with the problem but, the actual fact that remains is that it still remains incurable illness in the world today. Prescription drugs like the Lyrica, Elavil, Klonopin, Paxil, Effexor, Xanax, Trazadone, Neurontin, Zanaflex, Ambien, Cymbalta, Provigil, and the Lunesta, are all drugs for fibromyalgia but consequently, they are only effective in reducing and cannot heal the illness.

Drugs May Prove Helpful

Even though some of these drugs may prove helpful in actually aiding in the reduction of fibromyalgia, it can be dangerous to the health when prolonged in use. The use of the drugs alone seemingly doesn't help to manage the illness and many of the fibromyalgia drugs do show some side effects after being used.

An example of the drug among the many which have side effects, which can be common to the symptoms experienced in FMS and CFS is Ambien. This drug can cause a side effect like achy muscles which cause pains, sore throats, and a fatigue problem also, it can show symptoms associated with flu-related issues. The use of tranquilizers are often prescribed for fibromyalgia suffers who are experiencing issues arising from a restlessness of the legs disorder, constricting muscles problems and sleep disorders.

But, the resultant effects of these drugs similarly affects the level of sleep produced by the sleep hormone melatonin, thereby reducing it. This situation can lead to a fibromyalgia person experiencing more wakefulness than sleepiness, which the person actually needs. Thus it is important for one who is suffering from fibromyalgia to note that these drugs may be the enhancing factor of the fibromyalgia instead of healing it.

Now, it is a well-known fact, that many traditional doctors are sometimes opposed to the use of natural medicine to actually heal an ailment. Also, the same people are quick in disapproving the use of nutritional supplements for a patient's treatment, even though there is a tendency of them getting a cure with the supplements. The reason for this attitude showcased by these specialists is because they believe nutritional supplements does a lot more harm to the body than doing good.

This idea could be debated because there are many studies and research discoveries which have actually proven that the use of nutritional supplements can actually work on an illness than the use of a traditional or herbal medicine. Although modern medicine has some flaws of actually being a medicine made from unproven research,


Thus it can only be concluded that an illness like fibromyalgia is only enhanced by a continual use of modern medicine than it can actually combat it. it still maintains a lot more standard than that of the traditional medicine in the field of medicinal application.

Modern Medicine

Thus it can be said that the modern medicine given to combat the fibromyalgia can only cover up for its symptoms but cannot prove in healing it. The same can be said for the traditional medicine which can be only used to reduce the sickness but have no proven cure for it as well.

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